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Turning parts

The right turn

Customized turned parts for your individual needs

Turned parts are important components in many industries and products. These precision parts are manufactured by turning workpieces made of various materials such as metal, plastic or ceramics. Tools and machines are used to precisely shape and size the turned parts.

Turned parts are used in many fields, such as automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, and many other industries. These precision parts are usually produced in large quantities and are often part of machinery, equipment or vehicles.

Turned parts can be manufactured in many different sizes and shapes, depending on the specific requirements of the customer. These precision parts can also be given various surface finishes such as coatings, polishing or anodizing to protect them from corrosion or other damage.

Optimize your purchasing with us - with all services from a single source. We are experts in the production and procurement of customized turned parts, with a strength in recurring orders from 500 to 10,000 pieces. Our turning diameters range from bars up to 80mm outside diameter to 350mm chucks. We machine all machinable materials and offer all standard surface and heat treatments. We also accept blanket orders with delivery schedules and guarantee on-time delivery due to our safety stock. In addition, we provide you with tested quality that makes you feel safe and satisfied. Trust in our competence and the "right twist" for your individual needs.


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